Our communities

At Glencore, we are proud to operate in close-knit communities that work and play together. From sports to social clubs, casual get-togethers to family-friendly events, there’s always plenty to do in our local regions.

We support the local councils in Mount Isa, Cloncurry and Townsville to create a friendly community that has good facilities and services for everyone.

Tom's story

I took a job in Cloncurry.
I found a town built on community values.

Growing up in Brisbane, Tom Barber was drawn to mining from a young age. He first visited a Glencore operation during high school on a Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy Engineering Camp at Mount Isa Mines. Here is Tom's story.

Tom enjoys working and living within a welcoming local community.

Experience gained during study breaks

"I had further opportunities to work for Glencore as a university student, participating in the Glencore Vacation Program at Ernest Henry Mining twice during study breaks.

Ernest Henry Mining is a copper-gold mining and processing operation 38 kilometres north-east of Cloncurry in north-west Queensland. The operation offers a lot in scale, variety, best practice processes, and development opportunities, so I was grateful to be offered a spot in the Glencore Graduate Program.

Cloncurry is an interesting town with a welcoming community, and there is always something to do, which was an added incentive to take the role."

From graduate to manager

"Since joining Ernest Henry Mining as a graduate in 2015, I have had many development opportunities and by 2017 I accepted my first senior position. Today I am Superintendent for Engineering and Projects for the concentrator and have even acted short-term in a management position.

I am a Chartered Member of Engineers Australia and a Registered Professional Engineer with the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland."

Glencore values developing its people at every level.

"Glencore is a diverse company that values developing its people at every level. I have been exposed to such a variety of tasks. Development opportunities are there for those who want to take them.

Collectively there is a wealth of knowledge and experience here, I’ve had some great mentors and I’ve also had the opportunity to mentor others. It’s fantastic working side-by-side with others to achieve common goals while still maintaining autonomy over my projects."

Cloncurry is a country town built on community values.

Feeling supported in the community

"Glencore’s metals operations in Queensland are unique – few mining operations are as closely integrated into a community as Cloncurry or Mount Isa. But Cloncurry isn’t your typical mining town, it is a country town built on community values.

Because Cloncurry is a regional hub for agriculture, mining and transport, a great network of professionals already live here and all make the most of this opportunity. They are keen to socialise and support one-another."

Rarely a week goes by where there is not an event to go to.

"Cloncurry is a hive of activity with back-to-back social events, especially during the cooler months. Rarely a weekend goes by where I don’t have an event to go to.

My partner and I enjoy living and working in Cloncurry. We have established great connections with people from all walks of life, who we hope will be lifelong friends. We are impressed by the strength, generosity of spirit of the people who live here."

The people demonstrate their willingness to pitch in and help their mates.

Town pulled together during tough times

"In 2019 during the unprecedented and damaging rain event that rocked North Queensland, the people of Cloncurry demonstrated their willingness to pitch in and help their mates. I witnessed employees purchasing hay for cattle they could feed on their way to work.

As a company, Ernest Henry Mining contributed to the clean-up efforts, providing earthmoving resources to dispose of perished livestock. We worked with Australian Defence Force members to set-up a helicopter base on our lease to act as a distribution centre.

Cloncurry would not be the town that it is without the cattle industry and it was heartening to see the local and national support to help our graziers get through a difficult time. This is not the first time I have seen mining and agriculture come together. I am sure it won’t be the last."

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