Local communities

Our Glencore Queensland Metals operations have deep connections to their local communities, stretching back to 1923 when zinc-lead-silver ore was discovered in Mount Isa.

As we continue to grow together, Glencore seeks at all times to:

  • support the Mount Isa and Townsville communities to be strong and resilient into the future
  • acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, respecting their culture, history and relationship to the land
  • involve residents in decisions affecting them, keeping them informed about our operations and listening to their needs and concerns.

Opportunities for Indigenous people

We encourage the capacity building of Indigenous people by providing resources for career development and new business ventures.

We provide pathways for Indigenous Australians into our Queensland Metals business.

Feedback welcomed

Regular information sessions in Mount Isa enable the community to ask questions and talk to our senior business leaders.

We engage openly, honestly and collaboratively to develop solutions and guide outcomes. This helps us to effectively review and update our response to everyday conditions and issues.

Complaint and grievance hotlines

Our community relations team will handle your concern and provide your feedback to our operations. Callers can choose to remain anonymous.




Mount Isa Mines

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1800 982 982

Copper Refineries Ltd

8am-5pm Mon-Fri

+61 7 4781 8211

Glencore Port Operations

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Our Queensland Metals business has invested more than $25 million in the past decade in events, projects and initiatives.

We partner with local groups to build a strong, sustainable region with lasting benefits, including:

  • employment opportunities
  • support for local businesses
  • funding of community projects.

Our communities love getting together—the regions’ full social calendar includes Mount Isa Mines rodeo (left) and Mount Isa Community Ensembles (MICE) orchestral performance – Symphony Under the Outback Stars (right).

We have two corporate social investment programs:

  • Community Assistance Program (CAP): Community-based events and initiatives
  • Futures Fund: Large, locally based infrastructure projects, identified in consultation with community, stakeholders and government.

How to apply

To determine eligibility and apply for the Community Assistance Program or Future’s Fund, refer to our Community Assistance Program guidelines and application form (DOCX 1MB).

The health and wellbeing of our people and community comes first.

We have invested over $600 million since 2003 in environmental performance and making Mount Isa a better place to live.

We actively seek to make Mount Isa a better and healthier place to live.

Air quality control

Our air quality monitoring program in Mount Isa is the most intensive of any city in Australia. Real-time air quality data is captured at 13 stations located across the city and region.

We review engineering approaches, operating procedures and monitoring programs for ways to reduce emissions. We also operate and monitor more air quality sensors than required by our Environmental Authority (EA) to provide additional information to guide our approaches.

In 2006, we commissioned an independent Lead Pathways Study by the University of Queensland's Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation to track potential lead movement in Mount Isa. The study was completed in 2017. It concluded there was a relatively low health risk from lead in soil, water and air for most of the Mount Isa community.

Learn about the Lead Pathways Study.

Public education focus

Glencore is a founding member of the Lead Alliance, whose public education targets Mount Isa residents’ health. The community is informed how to live safely in an environment where lead is present from natural and industrial sources.

Free blood lead monitoring

Mount Isa Mines offers a free, independent and confidential, intravenous blood lead monitoring program for Mount Isa residents.

To access the service, contact:

Queensland Medical Laboratory, 13 Isa Street, Mount Isa QLD 4825
Tel: +61 7 4743 4299
Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-2pm

Capillary testing for children

Free capillary testing (a finger prick test) is available for children aged 5 and under from primary health care providers and the North West Hospital and Health Service.

Health and safety

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