Minara Community Foundation

Minara Resources established the Minara Community Foundation in 2007 for the long-term benefit of the people in the northern Goldfields region, in particular communities near our operations.

The Foundation supports charitable projects for community benefit across a range of focus areas:

  • education, including training opportunities
  • health and other social benefits
  • economic development
  • environment
  • programs and initiatives for youth and future generations
  • culture and heritage, including the protection of Indigenous culture.

Projects and initiatives should incorporate community consultation and offer a demonstrable benefit to the community.  

The community can access funding through an application process and groups and organisations with activities and purposes that benefit local communities within the Shires of Laverton, Leonora and Menzies are prioritized during review and approvals processes.

Following an endowment in 2007, Minara has donated annually to Minara Community Foundation. The endowment contribution has been invested and the donation contributions plus a portion of the return on the investment has been made available each year as grants for use by the community. The funds are intended to benefit communities and future generations beyond the life of the Murrin Murrin operations.

Minara Community Foundation has assisted the northern Goldfields community with 140 projects since 2008.  

Minara Resources, our voluntary Local Advisory Committee and Equity Trustees work together for the benefit of the local community to oversee the governance and administration of the Foundation and the ongoing grant programs.