Health and safety

Glencore’s approach to sustainability addresses the key pillars of health, safety, environment, community and human rights.  We are wholly owned by Glencore and we manage the impacts and potential impacts of our activities, in line with Glencore’s sustainability framework.

The health and safety of our people is our top priority and we are committed to health and safety management throughout all areas of the business.    

The Glencore sustainability framework and our Health and Safety Policy provide the context for the setting of our health and safety objectives and targets and the implementation of our Health and Safety Management System.

All personnel, contractors and visitors have a duty to carry out activities at Murrin Murrin Operations in accordance with the Health and Safety Management System.  At all levels, personnel have a duty to demonstrate that they are responsible for their own and fellow workers’ health and safety by complying with the System’s requirements.

We focus on achieving and maintaining a health and safety conscientious culture. We do this by promoting awareness of health and safety, ongoing education programs and initiatives and competence based training to support the Health and Safety Management System.  

Supporting our operation’s Health and Safety Management System is Glencore’s global safety initiative, SafeWork. 

Promoted as SafeNickel across Glencore’s global nickel operations, the initiative gives everyone in our operations the tools and knowledge to perform their tasks safely and empowers every individual to stop unsafe work.

The SafeNickel program revolves around principal hazards identified at Glencore operations and resulting Fatal Hazard Protocols and Life Saving Rules implemented with an intended focus on fatality prevention.  

Health and wellbeing has been an integral part of our approach for many years and our wide range of programs, initiatives and support services complement and reinforce our health and safety strategy. 

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