The Murrin Murrin Operations

Murrin Murrin is a remote, fully integrated nickel and cobalt producer located in the north-eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia.

We use conventional open pit mining methods to extract the nickel and cobalt ore, before processing and refining this laterite ore at our complex hydrometallurgical facility. The high-grade nickel and cobalt products are sold to customers in both the domestic and export markets.  

Our responsibly produced nickel and cobalt briquettes meet the high standards of the London Metals Exchange and are in strong demand from consumers around the world. In 2022, we produced 40,400 tonnes of nickel and 3,300 tonnes of cobalt in metal (including metals and minerals we process from third-parties).

To learn more about Murrin Murrin Operations, watch the video below. For more information on production, mineral resources and ore reserves at Murrin Murrin, refer to Glencore’s reports.

Glencore’s Murrin Murrin Operations

Glencore’s Murrin Murrin Operations

Murrin Murrin is a world-class mining and processing facility with a massive investment in technology.

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Murrin Murrin is a world-class mining and processing facility with a massive investment in technology.

We take pride in our plant and achievements – overcoming challenges and embracing innovation is a key element of how we work.

We have developed significant engineering and metallurgical expertise with an excellent understanding of Australian conditions and ore types.

We have focussed on research and development activities, technological improvements and engineering solutions to improve plant reliability and throughput to increase nickel and cobalt production levels.

The nickel and cobalt we produce are used to make things we use every day.

Nickel is a key ingredient in stainless steel production and is found in everything from smart phones, cutlery and electric vehicle batteries to coins, catalytic converters, dental drills and instruments. Cobalt is an increasingly important mineral in electric lehicle battery production.

Our products in life

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Producing nickel and cobalt

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