Our opportunities

At Glencore we believe in creating an environment filled with opportunity to learn, to develop and to empower people to make a difference.

We have attracted some of the best people to lead our business. We have invested in building their skills and fostered a supportive culture on the foundation of strong leadership.

I took a job in Mount Isa.
I found a team that supports my ambitions.

Sameer's story

Sameer Morar likes to learn and be challenged, and with Glencore, he gets both. He’s found his sweet spot at Mount Isa Mines. Here is Sameer's story.

Sameer finds his work both challenging and rewarding.

A desire to learn first-hand from the best

"I studied Chemical Engineering and completed my PhD at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. A desire to gain a deeper knowledge of metallurgical processing brought me to Australia, where I undertook an occupational traineeship conducting research at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre, University of Queensland. Julius Kruttschnitt was an important figure in Mount Isa Mines long and rich history serving as a General Manager, Director and eventual Chairman of the Board for more than 20 years.

I was driven to work at Mount Isa Mines. The North-West Minerals Province is one of the world’s richest mineral producing regions, well known within the industry for its complex metallurgical structure and long legacy, and I wanted to be a part of it."

Mount Isa Mines is a trail blazer and innovator.

"Mount Isa Mines is a trail blazer and innovator, having developed ground breaking metallurgical technologies, such as the IsaMillTM grinding technology, the Jameson Cell flotation technology, and the IsaSmeltTM smelting technology (just to name a few), which are widely used within the industry."

Securing a career in metallurgy

"Following my traineeship I successfully landed a Metallurgist position at Mount Isa Mines within the zinc processing stream. I quickly learnt Glencore creates an environment for career progression and exposes its people to vast opportunities."

In four short but challenging years, I moved into a leadership role.

"Working across various aspects of the plant, in four short but challenging years I moved into a leadership role working as the Superintendent for Planning and Projects, looking after the zinc-lead concentrator and the lead smelter. Today I am the Superintendent for Metallurgy Planning across Mount Isa Mines."

Seeing mining on a large scale

"My favourite thing about Glencore is the scale, both globally and locally. The organisation crosses entire value chains of multiple commodities, and has numerous experts willing to assist, and available to learn from.

In Mount Isa alone we mine copper, zinc, lead and silver. At Queensland Metals we do everything from exploration to mining, processing, refining, marketing and logistics, which is supported by a team of additional services. Our products are distributed locally and globally to bring the everyday products that we rely on to society."

Glencore provides opportunities to grow and develop.

Exposure to a world of opportunity

"Glencore provides opportunities to grow and develop through exposure to the entire value chain and other commodities. Our values and approach connect us across 35 plus countries in which Glencore operates.

Social connections made outside work with people who also work for Glencore enhance one’s ability to network for their job and provide exposure opportunities across the value chain.

Mount Isa’s welcoming and diverse community is a melting pot of cultures and life experiences—a mix of passionate locals whose families have lived here for generations and those newer to town who have moved here for a leg up in life."

At Glencore, you will never stop learning.

"There are so many opportunities still to be realised in our industry. Meaningful and lasting change for the better requires persistence and people to champion the cause. Glencore is an organisation that supports and recognises people for realising these opportunities—those with an entrepreneurial spirit, a high level of integrity and accountability. You will never stop learning."

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