Advancing everyday life

We are Glencore

For 25 years across Australia, we’ve been responsibly mining the metals and minerals that advance everyday life. We provide natural resources that power the world around us – from businesses to homes, smartphones to laptops, airplanes to electric cars. And as a leading producer of green metals, we’re laying the foundations for a low carbon future.

We operate 24 mines across the country and are part of a team of over 135,000 people in over 35 countries. That makes us one of the world’s largest mining companies that you’ve probably never heard of.

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How is a team of 18,000 bringing $14 billion to Australia each year?

At Glencore, we’re proud of the contribution our operations make to the Australian economy and our local communities.

We spend over $9 billion annually on Australian goods and services with over 8,600 local businesses.

In 2021, we paid almost $3 billion in taxes and royalties.

These funds vital jobs and infrastructure across Australia. It helps build and maintain schools and hospitals, and helps fund some of the country’s most important roles – like teachers, nurses and police officers.

Our 2021 taxes and royalties payment could fund:

  • 34,800 new nurses, or
  • 35,100 new teachers, or
  • 30,800 new police officers.

Preparing for tomorrow

We’re investing in green metals for a low carbon future.

We’re a ‘Mine to Market’ company

We don’t just provide natural resources like coal, nickel, cobalt, copper and zinc. We have a presence throughout the commodity supply chain. This means we process, transport and sell natural resources to our network of customers around the world. Ensuring Australia gets the best price possible for its resources. And supporting the country’s largest export industry in the process.

Our in-house global marketing business places Australia’s resources into products made by some of the world's most recognisable brands. These companies are using Australian resources to produce the everyday items we couldn’t live without – like cars, phones, computers, electric cars, TVs, appliances, life-saving medical equipment and more.

Introducing Glencore

In Australia, we’ve been responsibly providing natural resources for 25 years.

Mine to Market

We’re supporting Australia’s largest export industry.