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We know there is more to choosing to work with us than the job description. Accept a role with Glencore in North Queensland, and you will find unforgettable experiences on your doorstep.

Our local communities of Mount Isa, Cloncurry and Townsville are more than happy to share their favourite experiences. From exploring local waterways by kayak, 4X4ing across the outback or camping with friends and family, there is always something new to discover.

I took a job in Mount Isa.
I found new ways to spend my weekends.

Roxanne's story

Moving from Brisbane to Mount Isa in 2015, Roxanne O’Donnell already knew what to expect, having had two stints at Mount Isa Mines on the Vacation Program while completing her Bachelor of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering. Here is Roxanne's story.

For Roxanne, a good work-life balance is as important as a rewarding career.

A diverse site with many possibilities

"I was excited to secure a competitive graduate position working at the Mount Isa Mines copper concentrator after finishing university. Doubly enticing, it also meant moving to one of Australia’s oldest, iconic mining towns where I could continue to explore some of the most interesting and rugged scenery this country has to offer.

Glencore is a huge company with many possibilities, and Mount Isa Mines alone is a diverse site with a lot of opportunity for movement and growth. Having operated for almost 100 years, I like that the site has a long and rich legacy. This place is enormous, unlike anything else and has so much potential, which keeps the job interesting."

I found a strong support network of local professionals.

A strong network of professionals

"Not only do I have a rewarding career, but I have also found a strong support network of professionals within the local branches of industry groups.

The mine and community coexist well. The town is so unique in that it grew up beside the mine and that really shows in the pride and passion of the locals—passion for mining, passion for community and passion for events."

A diverse town with a real community vibe.

"I find Mount Isa very diverse, with a melting pot of people here and different offerings—however, there is still a cohesive community vibe.

I love to be outdoors, which is perfect because there are heaps of outdoor activities. If you don’t already, you’ll come to enjoy camping with heaps of amazing camping, fishing and 4WDing spots to explore. The weather is nearly always sunny, the sunsets are sensational, and the night skies are starry and clear."

Rock art beside idyllic waterhole

"My favourite spot would have to be Warrigal Waterhole—also known as Painted Rock—only 11 kilometres from the city and especially beautiful after a good wet season. I love this spot because it is so secluded and the Kalkadoon Rock Art is something special.

Other great spots to explore include Three-Steps, Rigby Falls, Fountain Springs, Gregory Downs, and Lawn Hill, just to name a few."

Mount Isa is very social, with a busy calendar of events year round.

From sport to the arts

"That is not all there is to Mount Isa, it’s actually a very social and vibrant place to live with a busy calendar of events year round. So many different sports and clubs are represented, and not just the mainstream ones. There is a strong health and fitness following too, lots of gyms, and weekend fitness groups.

There is a local theatrical society, Outback School of the Arts, astronomy club, photography clubs, restored car club and walking groups. Great cafes, a trip to the cinema and Sunday sessions on the deck of the Isa Hotel are what weekends are made for."

The work-life balance is priceless.

"At the end of the day, one of my favourite things about Mount Isa is the convenience. You cannot put a value on work-life balance. It is priceless.

I love that I can ride my bike to work every day and be home every afternoon, without wasting hours sitting in traffic. My work roster is very conducive to a healthy social life.

There is a happy medium here between city and country, with everything you need in activities, sports, socialisation, shopping and services at your fingertips—and what could be better than that."

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