McArthur River Mine

We are located on one of the world’s largest deposits of zinc and lead, about 970 kilometres south-east of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. Our operation includes an open cut mine and processing facilities.

Who we are

Our open cut operation provides one of the world's finest sources of zinc and lead for use in everyday commercial and domestic products.

Zinc and lead is mined and processed at McArthur River Mine and trucked to Bing Bong Loading Facility on the Gulf of Carpentaria. From there it is shipped around the world.

We are committed to operating in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner. Our mine also contributes significantly to world supply of zinc used to galvanise steel—the key method for preventing corrosion—for example, in cars and buildings. Discover more about who we are and how we operate at McArthur River Mine.


We are committed to the wellbeing of our employees, the environment and the communities in which we work.