Water resource management

Lake Moondarra and Rifle Creek are important water resources for our Mount Isa Mines operations and the Mount Isa community.

Mount Isa Mines is the Resource Operating Licence holder of Lake Moondarra Dam. Details of monthly water allocations from Lake Moondarra are posted below.

If you live downstream of Lake Moondarra or Rifle Creek Dam, you have the opportunity to register and be added to an Emergency Notification Database in line with the Emergency Action Plans for the respective water sources.

Moondarra Dam water allocation table

Allocation and usage for January 2021 in megalitres (mL)

  Total water authority
Total water allocation for year
YTD allocation water usage
Remaining balance
Mount Isa City Council 12,500 12,500 3,465 9,035
Mount Isa Mines 12,500 12,500 4,360 8,140
Mount Isa Water Board (distribution) 1,250 1,250 388 862
Mount Isa Water Board (any) 50 50 30 20
Total 26,300 26,300 8,242 18,058


Dam Water Supply Scheme Operational Report announced allocation (effective 1 July 2019)

Medium priority announced allocation (AAM) 100%
(model supplied by Department of Natural Resources, Mining and Energy)

Moondarra Dam

Elevation 324.71 metres
(Australian Height Datum)
Current storage volume 79,623 millilitres
Nominal operating volume 26,708 millilitres
Current loss allowance 605 millilitres
Clear water lagoon projected storage loss 1,290 millilitres
Usable volume 26,300 millilitres


Additional parameters

Medium priority allocation 26,300 millilitres
Current storage surface area 1,723 hectares
Projected storage loss for MD 27,313 millilitres
Medium priority diverted volume 0 millilitres


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