As one of Australia’s largest coal producers, Glencore depends on and supports local businesses. We value all our suppliers, vendors and partners.

Our approach to procurement

A large portion of our annual $6.6b spend on goods and services is sourced from suppliers with operations in the regions in which our mines are located. Local suppliers provide key services to our business, including rehabilitation, equipment maintenance, facilities management and environmental monitoring, to name just a few.

This extends to our 11 coal mining operations in New South Wales and six coal mining operations in Queensland.

The supplies that are sourced outside the local or regional areas are those that are generally not available from local markets—for example diesel fuel, electricity and tyres.

Suppliers must provide competitive products and services and undergo Glencore pre-qualification. However, the emphasis is always on buying local where possible. For example, while the tyres we buy are not made locally, we engage local or regional suppliers for delivery, repairs and service.

Existing vendors

Follow the links below to access the vendor portal and download the user guide.

Vendor portal

Login to the portal

Vendor portal quick reference guide

Download the PDF

Watch the videos below to learn more about the Vendor Portal user registration process,  Vendor Portal onboarding, re-activation and KYC processes, as well as the administrative and user management features that are available on the Vendor Portal.

Register your interest to become a vendor

If you are a supplier interested in working with Glencore’s Australian coal business, email our procurement team or phone +61 2 4925 6400.

For more supplier information and answers to frequently asked supplier questions, visit Glencore Australia's website.

Glencore Code of Conduct

Our suppliers must operate lawfully and provide safe, healthy and fair workplaces. We have zero tolerance for human rights violations and encourage environmentally sound business practices.

View our Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct, and other relevant policies on

Regional suppliers are engaged for tyre repairs and service.

Maintenance opportunities occur for our mines’ contractors and suppliers.

Payment terms

We understand the cash flow needs of business and adhere to an agreed payment schedule. Help us to meet this by:

  • submitting complete and tax-compliant invoices in a timely manner
  • ensuring our purchase order number is included on the invoice
  • ensuring your invoices match the purchase order for price and quantity.