Approvals documents

Development Consents

Some of the development approvals at West Wallsend Colliery and Macquarie Coal Preparation Plant (MCPP) include:

  • West Wallsend Continued Operations Project Approval (09_0203);
  • West Wallsend Project Approval Modification 21st October 2014;
  • Private Haul Road Consent (89/0012); and
  • MCPP Consent (1981 Consent).
  • Extension to Surface Facilities – Coal Stockpiles (included in Stockton Colliery DA, 90/0725).

Mining Leases

Some of the key mining titles for West Wallsend Colliery and MCPP include:

  • CCL 725;
  • CCL 718;
  • ML 1336;
  • ML 1438;
  • ML 1451;
  • PPL 153; and
  • MPL 0323.

Environmental Protection Licences

Both West Wallsend Colliery and MCPP are governed by a single Environmental Protection Licence (EPL), EPL1360

Great Greta is covered by EPL 20055