Health and safety

Supporting our approach to safety is SafeWork—our global initiative designed to give everyone in our business the tools and knowledge to perform their tasks safely.

The safety of our workforce is our top priority.

We seek to be an industry leader in safety at all times, and to create a workplace without fatalities, injuries or occupational diseases.

Our approach to safety

Mining and projects inherently involve hazards and risks, and our goal is to:

  • apply sound risk management principles
  • provide a fatality-free workplace
  • continue to reduce serious injuries.

We constantly assess our workplaces to protect the health and wellbeing of both employees and contractors.

We ensure workers have the right personal protective equipment (PPE).

SafeWork program

SafeWork is a safety initiative adopted by all Glencore operations and projects, including the Aurukun Bauxite Project.

The program concentrates on developing sustainable attitudes to safety. Under SafeWork, our workers receive the tools to stay safe – and to help keep their colleagues safe, too.

We apply life-saving behaviours and protocols that are put in place to address common hazards that we face in our activities.

Find out more about SafeWork on Glencore Australia's website.

Employee health and wellbeing

We encourage the health, fitness and general wellbeing of employees through programs that:

  • encourage healthy choices
  • promote awareness of injury prevention
  • promote the advantages of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Education, counselling, prevention and treatment programs focus on effectively addressing health issues such as fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, influenza, obesity, nutrition and occupational illnesses.


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