We are committed to conducting fair and equitable procurement processes with contractors and suppliers.

We require our contractors and suppliers to adhere to all applicable laws (including sanctions, anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws), regulations, and industrial awards and agreements, including all applicable health, safety, environment and community laws and regulations. Additionally, all our contractors and suppliers must comply with the Glencore Supplier Code of Conduct and the Glencore Responsible Sourcing Policy which are available on request or can be downloaded here:

Our contractors and suppliers acknowledge that the requirements set out in the Glencore Supplier Code of Conduct and the Glencore Responsible Sourcing Policy may be updated from time to time.

We reserve the right to monitor and/or audit our contractors and suppliers adherence to the Glencore Supplier Code of Conduct and the Glencore Responsible Sourcing Policy.

Contractors or suppliers attending our mine site are required to comply with our Contractors Health Safety and Environment Requirements (see below): 

To view our Mine Safety Management System (MSMS), see below:

Where goods are provided to us, the goods must be packaged, as a minimum, to conform to our specification: Technical Specification for Packing and Documentation Instructions numbered 00-30TS-007 (see below).

Please note that unless a separate overriding contract has been entered into with us, all goods and/or services provided to us, are required to be supplied in accordance with our standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (see below): 

Register your interest

If you are a prospective contractor or supplier wishing to provide information about your company and/or offerings to us, please email our Supply and Logistics Department.  

To ensure that your company's details are directed to the appropriate personnel within our organisation, please ensure that any correspondence specifies which of the following categories your business provides: 

  • goods; and / or 
  • services; and / or 
  • logistics.

Due to the volume of solicitations, you will not receive a response unless we require further information from your company. Should we establish a requirement for the goods and/or services provided by your company, we will then request you to submit a formal supplier application prior to being loaded into our supplier register.

For more supplier information and answers to frequently asked supplier questions, visit Glencore Australia's website.

You can also view our Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct, and other relevant policies on Glencore.com.