Our culture

Whether you’re in geology, human resources, engineering, maintenance, mining or management you’ll find we’re a company that values all its team members. Respect is ingrained in our culture.

That’s why we provide ongoing training and dedicated resources that develop individual ability, improve diversity and create equal opportunities for all employees.

I took a job in Mount Isa.
I found my contribution creates real change.

Orla's story

Orla Hansen has found Glencore’s values mirror her own. Like so many, she started her career with Glencore as a graduate and she discovered a company whose leaders do what they say. Here is Orla's story.

Orla feels she has learnt much as a result of Glencore's culture of diversity, dedication and drive.

A culture of safety and diversity

"Safety is Glencore’s number one priority and I have seen this reflected in the actions of the leadership team and my peers. It is safety over production, always.

Diversified – dedicated – driven – that’s Glencore’s motto. The company understands that diversity in the workforce exposes us to a broader range of ideas and new ways of overcoming challenges, which leads to more innovation and better operational outcomes.

I have learnt so much from people of all different backgrounds and experiences, and I’m a better geologist for it."

A shared goal of excellence

"Glencore is a leading global natural resources company, so it expects a lot from its people, but it gives a lot in return. We want to be excellent, and that goal is shared by the company and its people.

If you are keen to learn and have the right attitude, you will get great opportunities for development. Whether you are a new starter or a pro, we all have the potential to learn."

Mount Isa's residential living is increasingly rare in mining.

"Everyone is friendly and willing to help others. Residential living is an increasingly rare thing in the mining industry, which is why Mount Isa is so unique.

I work at George Fisher Mine, 20 kilometres north of the main city centre. The short drive to work coupled with an outback sunrise gives me energy and appreciation for the Australian countryside. I will always be in awe of how vibrant a country town can be in the middle of the desert."

It's rewarding to work with these people.

The big move paid off

"I moved to Mount Isa from New Zealand more than 12 years ago, and it is the best thing I have done for my career and personal development.

Life is truly what you make of it. It was a daunting experience moving to a new country and work for the first time in an industry I had no prior knowledge of.

A number of mentors have been so integral to my story, having guided and supported me through my professional journey. It’s rewarding to work with these people, and I am often inspired by their attitudes and integrity."

We are encouraged to challenge the status quo.

"I know my contributions have made a real difference to my workplace and I feel appreciated by my colleagues and my leaders. We are encouraged to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.

I have helped develop more efficient mapping techniques which has enabled us to make more strategic business decisions on the fly and when plans change."

Everyone has a voice

"It doesn’t matter if you are new to the company or have been here for 20 years, everyone has a voice and has the opportunity to be heard.

The culture at work is one of mutual respect and collaboration, but we do have fun also."

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