Mining products in use

We are proud to belong to the Australian mining sector which supplies the resources and products which advance everyday life.

Mining provides the coal, metals and minerals that can power our homes and create smartphones, computers, electric vehicles and renewable energy technology like solar panels and wind turbines.

In addition to its important economic contribution, mining plays a vital role in supplying the materials critical for everyday life.

From the copper used in robotics, nickel in batteries, zinc in sunscreen, cobalt for jet engines, to the coal used to create construction materials and infrastructure.

New technologies will provide solutions to some of the world’s most complex social and environmental challenges and these technologies could be made possible by utilising the commodities we mine.

For example, copper and nickel can play a major part in zero emissions energy systems.

The videos below are a snapshot into why we believe mining matters and is important, for now and the future.

For the sportsperson, homeowner, traveller, driver, astronaut, researcher, medical professional and more.

Special thanks to the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) for doing the research.

The MCA’s 30 Things: The Futurist Edition was launched during Minerals Week 2022 and examines in detail the minerals critical to emerging technological advances that could change the world.

Cobalt for today and tomorrow

Nickel for today and tomorrow

Coal for today and tomorrow

Copper for today and tomorrow

Zinc for today and tomorrow