Glencore is one of Australia’s largest coal producers. We operate a mixture of open cut and underground coal mines across New South Wales and Queensland, providing work for almost 9,860 people.

Coal is one of Australia’s largest export industries that delivers significant socioeconomic value to workers, their families, suppliers and local communities across Australia.

We are a responsible miner of coal that has a track record of operational excellence. Our coal business is well positioned to supply the high quality coal required to meet global steel production.

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Who we are

We are one of Australia's largest exporters of coal, with 17 operational mines across New South Wales and Queensland.

Coal use

Coal is a plentiful source of energy and has many important uses worldwide. Our coal is used in power generation, steel making and industrial processes including the manufacturing of cement.

The majority of the coal we produce is exported, mostly to countries where coal continues to play a leading role in power generation given its reliability and affordability. The remainder is used in domestic power generation in Australia.