Our people

Our copper and zinc operations in North Queensland are iconic in Australian mining and continue to attract some of the world’s best and brightest people in the industry.

At Glencore, you will work alongside highly-skilled, motivated professionals who offer valuable knowledge and leadership.

I took a job in Mount Isa.
I found some of the brightest minds live local.

Lewis' story

Ten years ago, Lewis Yip was an electrical engineering student at James Cook University with no mining experience. Then he applied for the vacation work program at Mount Isa Mines. Here is Lewis' story.

Lewis enjoys working across multiple projects.

Vacation experience helped land a job

"During the program, I worked on modelling the high voltage network onsite, which meant learning a lot about power systems engineering quickly. When I completed university, it was my vacation work experience that helped me land a job with a Perth-based engineering consultancy.

The consultancy did a lot of work for Mount Isa Mines, including on its high voltage model. I was able to pick up right where I left off. Seven years later and with more experience under my belt, I moved back to Mount Isa, where I am now a Senior Electrical Engineer with the Power Distribution section at Mount Isa Mines.

I have come to realise what Glencore as a company has to offer in terms of career development—that some of the brightest minds in the industry can be found here."

You can find Mount Isa Mines alumni in senior positions all across Australia.

Managing projects in the millions

"I routinely manage projects worth millions of dollars, and I am trusted to exercise my judgement and ‘do the right thing’. It is a big responsibility, but I do not do it alone—my team supports me in hundreds of ways, and I support my team in turn.

I have learnt about practical engineering from my colleagues that you would never find in a textbook. Our electrical construction supervisor is brilliant at solving practical problems on the fly. If I’m not sure how to build something he is the first person I turn to."

I invest time back into passing on the knowledge I have acquired.

Developing others to do their best

"I also invest a considerable amount of time back into supervising and training junior engineers, passing on the knowledge that I have acquired.

It is a pleasure to watch graduates grow from uncertain newbies into competent engineers, knowing that I have played a role in developing their confidence and skills."

Glencore encourages entrepreneurialism... we explore possibilities.

"Glencore encourages entrepreneurship. We are not limited to doing things 'the way we’ve always done it'. We are free to think for ourselves, explore possibilities, and do what makes the most sense for the business. I would not have it any other way."

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