Providing for today

How coal is helping meet today’s global energy needs

Glencore is a producer of high-quality Australian coal. We’re balancing our responsibility to meet the energy needs of today with an ambition of net zero total emissions by 2050.

The role of coal today 

The world’s energy needs are growing every day. Coal is an abundant, reliable and affordable energy source capable of meeting this demand. As well as energy, coal is also used to produce steel and cement to build our homes, towns and cities.

The role of coal in the future

While it’s still needed today, coal’s use will decline over time. Our ambition is to be a net zero total emissions company by 2050. As part of this, we have voluntarily put a cap on our coal production, and are depleting our global coal assets safely and responsibly over time. Our project pipeline has also been factored into our climate change targets and the managed depletion of our global coal portfolio.

A net zero future

Our aim is to meet the energy needs of today, while investing in the strategic metals of the future.

The most responsible way to do this is by depleting our coal operations over time, while also paving the way to a low carbon future with green metals – like nickel, cobalt, zinc and copper.

Providing energy today

The global role of coal today.

A responsible transition

Our plan to responsibly deplete our global coal portfolio over time.