Carbon Transport and Storage Project

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Glencore has been a long-term supporter of carbon capture use and storage (CCUS) technology to reduce emissions from fossil fuels and service a hydrogen economy.

The International Energy Agency views CCUS as a 'key technology' in the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

Project objective

Glencore’s wholly-owned Carbon Transport & Storage Company (CTSCo) Project aims to demonstrate CCUS on an industrial scale in Queensland.  It is Australia’s most advanced onshore CCUS project and is focused on:

  • capturing CO2 from a coal-fired power station at Millmerran
  • permanently storing the CO2 deep underground in the Surat Basin, about 230 kilometres west of Toowoomba.

Project scale

CTSCo holds one of the largest land-based CCUS tenements in Australia.

The project is assessing potential for an integrated CCUS hub in the Surat Basin that captures and safely stores emissions from multiple coal generators and other industrial sources, including gas, hydrogen, cement and chemicals.

The CTSCo project has the potential to:

  • store significant volumes of CO2 in the region, through the delivery of critical infrastructure to reduce and remove existing and future sources of industrial emissions
  • enable the three youngest coal power stations in Australia—Kogan Creek, Millmerran and Tarong B—to continue operating past 2050
  • improve energy security for the National Electricity Market
  • maintain and grow jobs in regional Queensland
  • enable future industries including hydrogen production
  • contribute to Australian and Queensland Government climate and emission reduction goals.
Glencore is currently assessing the suitability of its Surat Basin tenement for long-term CO2 storage.
Testing underway at CTSCo’s appraisal well in the Surat Basin.

Project status - C02 capture

CTSCo is partnering with the China Huaneng Group (CHG), shareholder in the Millmerran Power Station in Queensland, to develop CO2 capture technology for existing power stations.

We have completed feasibility and front end engineering design studies into delivering an integrated post-combustion capture (PCC) plant at Millmerran.

The plant would capture 110,000 tonnes of CO2 per year and transport this 100 kilometres to our tenement for permanent underground storage.

Project status - CO2 storage

The CTSCo project’s storage component is a potential pathway to an industrial scale storage hub in Queensland, capable of servicing multiple industrial users including coal, natural gas and hydrogen.

In December 2019, the Queensland Government granted CTSCo a greenhouse gas (GHG) exploration permit – at EPQ10 – in the southern part of the Surat Basin.

This permit enables CTSCo to thoroughly assess the viability of safely and sustainably storing CO2 deep underground.

We have since conducted research and development activities within the tenement, including successful drilling. These activities aim to confirm the location for the demonstration storage project and provide foundation data and infrastructure for future industrial scale carbon capture at the site.

Final investment decision

With funding support from LET Australia (formerly COAL21) and Australian National Low Emissions Coal (ANLEC) R&D Limited, Glencore expects to make a final investment decision on the CTSCo project in 2021.

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