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Glencore Coal is committed to returning mine sites to self-sustaining native ecosystems, agricultural use or other suitable purposes that meet requirements set down by government.

Prime examples are the former Westside open cut and West Wallsend underground mines, where our mine site rehabilitation is among the best in the world and a source of pride for our workforce.

Partnering in rehabilitation

West Wallsend Colliery and Westside Mine are located in the Lake Macquarie region of New South Wales. Along with Macquarie Coal Preparation Plant (MCCP) and Teralba Colliery, they were previously operated by Oceanic Coal Australia Limited (OCAL) on behalf of Macquarie Coal Joint Venture (MCJV).

Great Greta, a former underground mine in the Hunter Valley, is owned by the same group.

OCAL is a major joint venture partner of MCJV with 70% ownership. Other participants include Marubeni Coal Pty Ltd (17%), OCAL Macquarie (10%) and JFE Minerals Pty Ltd (3%). OCAL, which owns OCAL Macquarie Pty Ltd, is wholly owned by Glencore.

Regulatory information

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West Wallsend Colliery

When mining finished at West Wallsend Colliery in 2016, some of the workforce remained to undertake ongoing environmental management and begin mine closure activities.

More than 80 million tonnes of coal were mined over the mine’s 47-year life, mainly by long wall mining techniques. Coal washing at Macquarie CPP also ended with the last remaining stockpiled coal loaded onto trains at the end of 2016.

Environmental management activities are continuing.

Westside Open Cut

The Westside open cut mine, near Wakefield on the north-western shores of Lake Macquarie, produced coal for domestic power generators from 1992 to 2012.

In 2020, our Westside open cut coal site received New South Wales Government certification for a section of rehabilitated mined land, a first for the State’s coal industry under contemporary mine rehabilitation criteria.

The site has been returned to native bushland characteristics of the local environment and landform.

The New South Wales Government signed off on 38 hectares of the rehabilitation—equivalent to more than 60 football fields. This means rehabilitation of these former mining areas has met all rehabilitation objectives and closure criteria set out by the Department of Planning and Environment, the Resources Regulator, and the Division of Resources and Geoscience.

The site has been returned to bushland consisting of native vegetation communities that are characteristic of the local environment and landform type. Ongoing monitoring has shown that natural ecosystem functions were returned, with recent surveys indicating 69 native fauna species in the rehabilitation, including 11 threatened species.

Rehabilitation at Westside coal mine

Rehabilitation at Westside coal mine

Rehabilitating Westside thermal coal mine in New South Wales Australia, following its closure in 2012.
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Rehabilitating Westside thermal coal mine in New South Wales Australia, following its closure in 2012.

Great Greta

The former Great Greta Colliery site is 16 kilometres north of Branxton and 23 kilometres east of Singleton in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. The mine including the land occupied by the former surface infrastructure is owned by OCAL, which is wholly owned by Glencore. Mining operations ceased on 5 February 1999.

Glencore continues to engage with the communities of the Hunter Valley region.

We are committed to engaging with all stakeholders, particularly those in the local community.

Community investment

Glencore partners with organisations to promote sustainable development  in:

For more information on Glencore Coal Australia's commitment to communities, download our Community Investment Program booklet (PDF 6.8MB).

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