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P&C Grant delivers Queensland school drinking water

Media statement
Brisbane, Australia
8 November 2021


The latest round of funding from Glencore’s Schools P&C Grants program has provided more than $270,000 for projects that address long-term needs of schools.

Students at Valkyrie State School in central Queensland will now have access to improved drinking water thanks to a $15,000 grant.

The school sought assistance with their Drinking Water Enhancement Project, which aims to deliver a solution to a long-term water problem.

The funding will enable the school to purchase and install SOURCE hydropanels and associated plumbing infrastructure that will enable water vapour to be extracted from the air and stored within a reservoir for use as potable drinking water.

Similar to solar panels, additional hydropanels can be added in the future to increase the capacity of onsite water generation to address future requirements.

“The school is 47 years old and we have never had a permanent water solution,” Valkyrie School P&C President Kristen Stevenson said.

“We’ve had a bad run with drought for six or seven years... we understand you need to drought-proof your property and that’s what we’re trying to do with the school - get permanent potable and non-potable water.

“This funding will ensure we have reliable, permanent drinking water for the kids and staff on site.”

A total of 21 grants were made during the current round of funding with projects ranging from the purchase of new technology, to installation of additional seating and sun-safe equipment, and noticeboard signage.

“It’s wonderful to be in a position to provide such a large number of schools with funding for key projects,” Glencore’s Community Relations Manager, Mr Craig Strudwick, said.

“These grants will enable each school to deliver on important or much-needed projects. This is exemplified with Valkyrie State School able to secure potable water.”

Of the 21 grants delivered, 13 were to schools in Queensland worth more than $162,000 with the remaining eight for schools based in New South Wales worth almost $110,000.

Ivy Michelmore, 8, and Ari Michelmore, 6, who attend Valkyrie State School.

Across central Queensland:

  • Clermont State High School received $20,000 for the construction of an outdoor shade structure.
  • Orion State School received $14,000 to go towards building a shade structure over the school's tennis practice wall.
  • Valkyrie State School will now have access to improved drinking water.
  • Capella High School are also investing in technology with their $15,000 grant being used to assist in setting up their digital technology lab. This includes the purchase of 25 iPads.
  • Springsure State School will use their $17,000 grant to upgrade technology including laptops, desktops and interactive panels.
  • Saint John Bosco Catholic School are another with a need for new technology. Their $14,000 is being put towards the purchase of several iPads, HP Chromebook laptops and microphone systems which will allow all students to hear their teacher clearly whether in class or learning remotely.
  • Nebo State School and Marian State School have put the $14,000 they have received towards the purchase of a digital sign.
  • Clermont State School secured $15,449.10 to upgrade tuckshop kitchen equipment including the freezer, fridge, oven and dishwasher.
  • Scottville State School have put the $5,931.50 they received towards activities for the Year 5-6 camp.
  • Tieri State school will use their $2,503.80 to purchase an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) machine for the school office.
  • Capella State High School will put their $2,500 towards funding the painting of an indigenous mural on the walls of the school building.

The full list of Queensland Schools P&C grants is:

Scottville State School P&C Association


Nebo State School Parents & Citizens Association


Clermont State High School P&C


Capella State High School P&C Association


Marian State School Parents and Citizens Association


Tieri Primary P&C Association


Orion Primary P&C Association


Capella State High School P&C Association


Clermont State School P&C Association


Springsure State School P&C Association


SJB Parent Engagement Forum (P&C)


Valkyrie State School P&C Association



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