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Joining forces to lift COVID-19 vaccination rates in North West Queensland

Queensland Metals is partnering with north-west health services to support the COVID-19 national vaccine rollout and make vaccinations more accessible to its employees.

Sonic Health Plus, North West Hospital and Health Service, Pharmacy First and the Queensland Metals Health and Safety team have been running pop-up vaccination clinics across our operations since early October.

Queensland Metals Health and Safety Manager, Miranda Giuliano, says Glencore is backing the Australian Government’s national vaccine rollout program for COVID-19 and is proactively encouraging workers to get vaccinated.

We are proud to be supporting the national vaccine roll-out and establishing pop-up clinics.
Appointments are offered on a walk-in basis at the pop-up clinic.

“The Queensland Government has made the vaccine readily available in the north-west, but like many regional communities, vaccination rates are lagging behind that of our major cities.”

Miranda says the business is doing its bit by making it easier for workers to get the jab.

“We are actively encouraging our personnel to get on board, including communicating opportunities when the Mount Isa Hospital Clinic has short-notice availability and allowing time off in work hours.”

The onsite pop-up clinics are an additional step in boosting vaccination rates further.

Matt Hasthorpe, Mining Engineer, rolls up his sleeve and gets vaccinated against COVID-19.

Miranda says Mount Isa is in a fortunate position, with ample supply of vaccines.

“We want to make sure these supplies don’t go to waste. Employees don’t need to make an appointment at one of the pop-up clinics, because they operate on a walk-in basis. It’s convenient and an ideal opportunity to get vaccinated after a shift.”

“We encourage all of our employees to take advantage of the pop-up clinics and come and get vaccinated,” Miranda says.

North West Hospital and Health Service Chief Executive, Craig Carey, says it is important for everyone living, working and visiting the north-west to roll up their sleeves and get the COVID-19 jab.

The pop-up clinics are supported by Glencore in partnership with Sonic Health Plus and the North West Hospital and Health Service.
Arm yourself against COVID-19.

“We live in a very transient region with people coming and going from around Queensland and Australia,” Mr Carey says.

“With the imminent opening of Queensland borders only a few short weeks away, now is the time to come forward and get vaccinated.”

“An outbreak here in the north-west, especially in our more remote communities with vulnerable populations, would be absolutely devastating.”

“We have the opportunity now to get as many people vaccinated as possible, and I would encourage everyone to come forward and get vaccinated if you are yet to.”