Storing qualifications for the future

The Isa Distribution Centre (IDC) welcomes new expertise with the team’s completion of a Certificate III in Warehousing Operations.

Behind the scenes of Glencore’s Mount Isa Mines is our supply team, headquartered at the Isa Distribution Centre (IDC). The role of supply is vital to the smooth running of our operations by making consumables, parts and other materials available to the business when required.

The professionalism throughout the team has been supported by the recent completion of a Certificate III in Warehousing Operations. A total of 17 IDC team members have successfully graduated from the certificate, upskilling them in their field of work and bringing new expertise to the group.

Inside the IDC warehouse—IDC has a vast inventory including materials, equipment and items used onsite.
People work hard at IDC to help keep our Mount Isa Mines operations running smoothly.

The Certificate III is a 12-month vocational qualification, however due to the disruptions from COVID-19 in 2020, the course was extended to 18 months.

The certificate provides training in multiple areas beneficial to the team's responsibilities including, but not limited to, delivering and monitoring customer service, monitoring storage facilities and organising warehouse records.

Mount Isa Mines Supply Manager, Huw Werrett, says the Certificate III in Warehousing Operations is about upskilling and making the team stronger.

Some of the graduates in front of the IDCs prized Kalmar container handler.

“The Certificate III program and other development opportunities support my goal of developing future leaders for the business from within the business,” says Huw.

“The program has been so successful that some team members have been prompted to initiate other relevant studies such as Diplomas in Leadership and Management, as well as Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration.”

Looking to the future of IDC, the Certificate III program will continue to be offered every few years to employees who want to upskill and gain a nationally recognised, transferable qualification.

A barbeque breakfast to celebrate the successful recipients of the Certificate III in Warehousing Operations.
IDC workers start their shift with SafeStart, Queensland Metals’ pre-shift safety meeting.

The ABCs of IDC

The IDC is Mount Isa Mines’ major receiving facility from which 250,000 stock lines are managed across 13 stores onsite by a dedicated team.

Day-to-day tasks at IDC involve the team receiving, storing, counting and distributing materials to respective locations onsite.

IDC has in-stock materials and equipment that can be made available from inventory onsite, as well as materials, equipment and items that are purchased by the business, directly from suppliers.

The Inventory Control team is responsible for monitoring inventory levels to ensure a balance between overstocking and stock availability is maintained at optimum levels to guarantee the smooth running of our Mount Isa Mines operations.