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Vacation students gain first-hand resource industry experience with Queensland Metals

Across North Queensland, university students are getting their first taste of the resources industry as they commence 12 weeks of hands-on experience at Glencore’s Queensland Metals.

The annual Vacation Student Program is one of many pathway programs offered by Queensland Metals at our Mount Isa Mines or copper refinery at Townsville, aimed at exposing young people to the range of opportunities available in one of the world’s richest mineral producing regions.

Over their summer holidays, the students work with their relevant department, ranging from engineering and metallurgy to environment and health and safety, and many other mining-related disciplines.

Left to right: Sascha Bentley, Georgie Thorpe, Nathan Bellina, Jack Muller, Dylan Gleeson, Daniel Pouesi, Connor Styles and Adrian Hill.

Queensland Metals Human Resources Group Manager, Clint Milner says the Vacation Student Program is a chance for students to apply the theoretical knowledge gained at university to a practical environment, ultimately providing a stepping-stone towards a professional career with Glencore.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for the students to gain insight and understanding of what it is like to work at an operational mine, and the chance to decide whether the resources industry is right for them,” Clint says.

“This year, our Queensland Metals Human Resources team has placed strong emphasis on the importance of quality support to our newest recruits.”

The Connect Development session was a chance for the new vacation students to meet their fellow colleagues.
Queensland Metals General Manager Smelting and Refining, Adrian Herbert welcomed the vacation students to Glencore Queensland Metals.

“Our industry-leading and experienced professionals are here to advise and challenge the vacation students every step of the way, and encourage them to test their learning and creativity in real situations.”

Clint says their first day on the job involved a fun and informative ‘Connect Development Session’, run by the Human Resources Organisational Development team.

The students were welcomed to the session by Queensland Metals General Manager Smelting and Refining, Adrian Herbert who spoke about his own experiences and journey to becoming a leader in the industry.

Clockwise from front: Taysha Hall, Ken Mossop, Lilly Van Gilst, Isabella Spiers (Graduate Geologist), Lucy Barrie (Graduate Mining Engineer), Taylor Lyons, Jesika Russell and Charlotte Leech.

Many Glencore graduates also attended the session to engage with the students about their advice with the pathway programs.

“Mentorship is really important to the students who are new to the workforce,” Clint says.

“Being able to connect with current graduates who have been in their shoes before, helps the vacation students to set clear goals and identify what it is they want to get out of our program.”

Hear from Freya Allen, Mechanical Engineer Vacation Student, on the mentorship she has received through the Glencore Mount Isa Mines Vacation Student Program.

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining and Mechanical) at the University of Queensland, Freya Allen is returning to Queensland Metals’ Vacation Student Program for the second time, to work directly in her field of study with the mechanical engineering team at Mount Isa Mines.

“During my final year of high school, I attended the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy’s, ‘Make it now in Engineering’ camp with Mount Isa Mines’ Copper Operations,” Freya says.

“This sparked my interest in mining and made me excited to participate in one of Queensland Metals’ longer programs, ultimately leading to my decision to join the Vacation Student Program.”

Left to right: Dylan Gleeson, Jack Muller, Nathan Bellina, Daniel Pouesi, Amelia Johnson and Adrian Hill.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Pitamber Mutum and Graduate Occupational Health and Safety Advisor, Air Aragon engage with the new recruits about their own experience with Glencore’s pathway programs.

“I had a fantastic experience last year and having the constant support of professionals and graduates who were always there to point me in the right direction made me feel comfortable in the team.”

“I was tasked with some key projects spanning over the 12 weeks focusing on the drainage systems, mine variance and other continuous improvement tasks.”

“Having that sense of responsibility made me feel like an asset to the team, and that I had something to contribute to the success of the operations.”

“With such a large cohort, the Glencore Vacation Student program is also a fantastic way to meet new friends and potential future colleagues in the industry, many of whom I met last year and are also returning.”

Left to right: Thinh Nguyen, Sean Kelly, Amelia Johnson, Mandy Taylor, Jayden Day, Taku Tembo and Bon Lasdoce.

“I’m really looking forward to what the next 12 weeks have in store and increasing my knowledge of the different facets of engineering,” Freya says.

The Vacation Student Program is just one of many pathway programs offered by Queensland Metals. Others include the Work Experience Program for those currently in Years 11 and 12 locally, the School Leaver Program for those who have completed Year 12, the Graduate Program for those finishing their tertiary studies and the Apprenticeship Program for those looking to get their hands dirty and tackle a trade.

Learn more about our pathways programs in the careers section of our website.