We are committed to best practice environmental performance of our operations.

CSA Mine adopts a systematic  and integrated approach to minimising potential impacts on the environment and the community in which we operate.

Environmental stewardship

We are committed to managing and mitigating our impacts on the environment, including in relation to water quality, air quality and noise. Read the CSA Mine Environment and Community Policy (PDF 529KB) to find out more.

To learn about how we achieve our environmental management objectives, download the CSA Mine Environmental Management Plan (PDF 2.2MB).

In accordance with requirements from New South Wales Government Dams Safety, Cobar Management Pty Ltd's Annual Dams Safety Standard Report (PDF 272KB) is available to download.

We place a significant focus on managing and minimising our environmental impacts.

Key objectives of environment and community management at CSA Mine are:

  • water conservation
  • energy efficiency
  • improving biodiversity
  • progressive rehabilitation
  • preventing contamination
  • preserving cultural heritage
  • maximising re-use and recycling opportunities
  • engaging community stakeholders
  • participating in community development.

We operate under an Environment Protection Licence (PDF 125KB) granted by the New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority. Under this licence, CSA Mine is required to develop and maintain a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PDF 1.6MB).

Read our latest Environmental Management Report (PDF 7.5MB) to learn more.

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Health and safety

Health and safety

Our first priority is the health and safety our people and the wider communities in which we operate.



We value being a part of the local community—we strive to achieve strong links between our operations and the Cobar region.