The Aurukun bauxite resource is located on land that is traditionally owned by the Wik and Wik Way People near the town of Aurukun on Cape York in Queensland.

Following an open and competitive tender process run by the Queensland Government, Glencore entered into a Development Agreement with the State to assess the feasibility of developing the resource.

Since 2015 we have been undertaking regular engagement and consultation with traditional owners in Aurukun regarding potential project plans and options.

In late 2017, Glencore was granted a mineral development licence or "MDL" over the resource, which allows feasibility studies to commence.

The project is still at an early stage but we recognise that the direct involvement of traditional owners and community members is vital to any future success.

About the resource

The Aurukun bauxite resource is located in western Cape York, to the east of Aurukun, within a designated "restricted area" that comprises 11 deposits over an area spanning 75km long and 25km wide.

The resource has previously been reported as containing a total JORC resource (measured, indicated and inferred) of 357 million tonnes at 51.4% Al2O3 and 8.6% HTRSi.

Australia has the second largest reserves of bauxite in the world with the western Cape York region being a major contributor.

Bauxite is the primary ore from which aluminium metal is extracted. Aluminium is a widely used metal in a range of industries, including transport, construction and packaging.  It is a metal that can be recycled endlessly with approximately two thirds of all the aluminium ever produced still in use today.

For more information, visit the Australian Aluminium Council