The Tcharawopin bauxite deposit is in the south-western corner of our Mineral Development Licence (MDL) area, about 25km away from the Coconut deposit.

Our work in 2015 indicated the potential for the additional development of this small deposit, located closer to Aurukun, which could produce an unwashed bauxite product of up to 1.7 million wet tonnes per annum over a six year period.

The project concept for the Tcharawopin deposit involved a dry season only operation that would mine bauxite and transport product to a barge loading facility on the Watson River for transhipping off-shore for export.

With the permission and involvement of Traditional Owners, we undertook a feasibility assessment of this resource during 2017-18.  This assessment included:

  • Environmental field surveys;
  • Consultation with community members to understand their issues and queries in relation to the project;
  • Concept design work for roads, the barge loading facility and other infrastructure; and
  • Detailed assessment of the operational requirements to safely navigate the Watson River.

After detailed reviews of a range of technical, commercial and community factors, we have formed the view that the development of the Tcharawopin Project would not be feasible in the foreseeable future. As a result, we are now  focussed solely on progressing the larger Coconut Project.

Glencore remains committed to working with the Aurukun community as we advance our assessment of the Coconut resource.