​Our project pathway is based on a foundation of strong and early direct community engagement.

Since our first visit to Aurukun in 2013, we have been committed to openly and transparently discussing the potential benefits and impacts of the project with the community.

We have been very pleased with the welcome and support that we have received during our regular visits, where community members, including directors of NAK, have expressed their desire to be involved in the project and understand more about what it might mean for their community.

We have maintained a regular schedule of frequent visits to Aurukun and spent time talking with members of the Aurukun community, including a large number of Traditional Owners.

We have also opened a small office in Aurukun to support our presence in the community.

Our approach will continue to prioritise those families and clans who can speak for the country within our potential project area before engaging with the broader native title group outside the proposed development area and members of the Aurukun community. ​

We recognise that the direct involvement of Traditional Owners and community members is vital to the project's future success and are committed to further develop and strengthen our relationship with the Aurukun community for the longer-term.