The Coconut bauxite deposit is in the north-western corner of our Mineral Development Licence (MDL) area.

With the grant of the MDL in late 2017, we are assessing the feasibility of developing the Coconut deposit through a bauxite mine that could produce up to six million dry product tonnes per year, over a 20 year mine life.

Our original project concept involves a potential mining operation to extract, wash and screen bauxite from the Coconut bauxite resource, which would be trucked and then barged to an off-shore transhipment point for export.

To progress this project we need to perform work that includes :

  • Undertaking further surveys of the land and water that may be part of the project footprint
  • Consulting with traditional owners on project concepts and potential impacts, as well as options to avoid or mitigate impacts
  • Performing baseline environmental studies of the area
  • Preparing impact assessments as part of developing an environmental impact statement, with particular focus on things such as surface and groundwater, terrestrial and aquatic ecology and the marine environment
  • Conducting further analysis of resource samples and geotechnical information
  • Developing local participation plans to maximise local economic opportunities
  • Undertaking trade-off analysis of project options and advancing engineering design