We are one of Australia’s largest nickel and cobalt producers. Our Murrin Murrin hydrometallurgical nickel project is located between Leonora and Laverton in the north-eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia.

Murrin MurrinOpen pit mines
Processing plant
Nickel in metal
Cobalt in metal
39,717 t
3,244 t

* Includes third-party feed; t = tonnes

Murrin Murrin is operated by Minara Resources, wholly owned by Glencore. Murrin Murrin uses high pressure acid leach technology to recover nickel and cobalt from laterite ore. We are a single-site laterite nickel producer, producing high purity London Metal Exchange (LME) grade metal adjacent to the mine.

Through our research and development program, we have delivered technological improvements and engineering solutions to improve plant reliability and throughput, and to increase nickel and cobalt production levels.

Our processed nickel and cobalt is transported via rail to Kwinana, south of Perth, for export to customers worldwide.