Main document

Main Document2.5 MB

 Volume 1

Risk Assessment0.4 MB
Coal Resource Recovery Plan1.2 MB
Subsidence Monitoring Program0.8 MB
Public Safety Management Plan0.5 MB
Water Management Plan6.4 MB
Biodiversity Management Plan3.4 MB
Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan3.7 MB
Land Management Plan1.2 MB
Endorsement of Extraction Plan Team0.0 MB
Approval of Extraction Plan0.0 MB
Response to DPIE0.2 MB

 Volume 2

Built Features Management Plan1.0 MB
Mt Owen Mine Key Features Asset Management Plan0.7 MB
Mt Owen Railway and Bettys Creek Bridges Asset Management Plan7.2 MB

 Volume 3

Subsidence Impact Assessment7.2 MB
Extraction Surface Water Assessment1.2 MB
Groundwater Impact Assessment7.9 MB

 Volume 4

Combined Plans26.0 MB