The application for the Hail Creek Infrastructure Mining Lease Application (MLA) 700026) has been lodged by the Hail Creek Joint Venture (HCJV).

The HCJV already hold existing tenements ML 4738, EPC’s 658, 689 and 752, and MDL’s 353, 435 and 442, which together comprise the Hail Creek Project. ML 4738 (Hail Creek Mine) is an operational coal mine which has continually operated since officially opening in 2003.

The MLA area incorporates the existing accommodation village, access and security infrastructure (including Hail Creek Mine entry) and associated infrastructure.

The existing mine accommodation village, proposed to be located in the MLA, is essential infrastructure required for the operation of Hail Creek Mine. It accommodates employees and contractors for Hail Creek Mine, and is operated for the exclusive use of these workers.

Information supporting the ML application is included within the folders on this page.

 Permit Application Receipt

Mining Lease Notice0.0 MB
Permit Application0.1 MB

 AHR & Consents

Letter of authority (Glencore) - AHR1.0 MB
Letter of authority (RioTinto) - AHR0.6 MB
PreRequisite Tenure Holders Consent0.4 MB

 Camp Ownership

Letter For Camp Ownership0.2 MB

 Coal Seam Gas

Coal Seam Gas (CSG) statement - ML7000261.4 MB

 Development Plan

Proposed development plan8.1 MB
Proposed development plan - AdditionalInformation1.5 MB

 Environmental Authority

Environmental Authority Amendment Application5.6 MB


Additional documents to support the location of the permit0.3 MB
Additional documents to support the location of the permit - Addendum0.7 MB
Adjoining Land Information Table0.0 MB
Adjoining resource authorities and land parcel details statement0.3 MB
Land Information Details0.0 MB
Restricted land feature details0.6 MB

 Permit Area & Access

Map of area boundaries and access0.2 MB
MLA Access0.0 MB
Permit area CSV or shapefile0.0 MB
Permit area justification statement1.5 MB
Supporting documents0.3 MB
Surface area justification statement1.5 MB

 Permit Term

Permit term justification statement1.5 MB

 Public Interest

Public Interest Statement0.2 MB

 Technical Capability

Technical Capability Statement0.2 MB