Mining Lease Application Number 700020

Under the provisions of the Mineral Resources Act 1989 – Section 252, Clermont has applied to the Queensland Government's Department of Natural Resources and Mines for a mining lease on:

  • Lot 33 on SP244500 (Freehold); Lot 24 on CP L4113 (Stock Trucking Reserve); Wolfang Creek (Waterway), each of which is partly within the proposed mining lease area;
  • Lot 1 on SP237970 (Freehold), part of which is intended to be used to access the proposed lease area.

The application documents can be viewed or downloaded here.

Additional documents to support the location of the permit - ML70002012/12/20161.6 MB
Adjoining land details_ML70002012/12/20160.0 MB
Adjoining resource authorities and land parcel details statement - ML70002012/12/20160.1 MB
Applicants consenting application. - ML70002012/12/20163.7 MB
Background land details_ML70002012/12/20160.0 MB
Conditional surrender statement - ML70002012/12/20160.0 MB
EA_Amendment_Application_ML70002012/12/201620.7 MB
Existing Private ILUA - ML70002012/12/20160.2 MB
Financial supporting evidence - ML70002012/12/20160.9 MB
IDP_ML70002012/12/201624.7 MB
Letter of authority - AHR - ML70002012/12/20163.7 MB
Letter of authority - conditional surrender - ML70002012/12/20160.7 MB
Map of area boundaries and access - ML70002012/12/20160.2 MB
ML application_70002012/12/20160.1 MB
Permit area justification statement - ML70002012/12/20160.2 MB
Permit term justification statement - ML70002012/12/20160.1 MB
Signed Mining Lease Notice_70002012/12/20160.2 MB
Supporting Evidence - ML70002012/12/20160.9 MB
Surface area justification statement - ML70002012/12/20160.2 MB