Management Plans and Programs

Mine Closure Mining Operations Plan (MOP) 2019 - 2025: Amendment A15/09/20208.2 MB
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan11/12/20192.6 MB
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan01/10/20191.8 MB
Environmental Management Strategy 21/08/20194.3 MB
Water Management Plan20/08/20192.9 MB
- Erosion and Sediment Control Plan19/08/20191.3 MB
- Groundwater Monitoring Plan19/08/20191.0 MB
- Surface Water and Groundwater Response Plan19/08/20190.8 MB
- Surface Water Monitoring Plan19/08/20191.9 MB
Air Quality Monitoring Program18/08/20191.9 MB
Biodiversity and Land Management Plan 18/08/20192.0 MB
Noise Management Plan18/08/20191.7 MB
Waste Management Plan18/08/20191.3 MB
Ben Bullen Creek Rehabilitation Management Plan13/12/201748.5 MB

 Annual Environmental Management Reports

2019 Annual Review15/04/20204.0 MB
2018 Annual Review21/08/20194.6 MB
2017 Annual Review30/06/20184.5 MB
2016 Annual Review17/05/20172.6 MB
2015 Annual Review30/03/20163.1 MB
Baal Bone 2014 AEMR07/10/20152.8 MB
2013 AEMR04/03/20146.0 MB
2012 AEMR21/03/20137.1 MB
2011 AEMR05/04/20121.1 MB
2011 AEMR Drawing 105/04/20124.5 MB
2011 AEMR Drawing 205/04/20125.1 MB
2011 AEMR Plan 105/04/20121.2 MB
2011 AEMR Plan 205/04/20121.5 MB
2011 AEMR Plan 305/04/20121.6 MB
2010 AEMR Plan 1.pdf31/12/20101.2 MB
2010 AEMR plan 2.pdf31/12/20101.4 MB
FINAL Baal Bone AEMR 2010.pdf31/12/20101.0 MB
2009 AEMR12/03/20101.0 MB
2009 AEMR, Plan 112/03/20101.7 MB
2009 AEMR, Plan 212/03/20101.6 MB
Baal Bone AEMR 2008 - FINAL.pdf31/12/20081.0 MB
Baal Bone AEMR 2008 Plan 1.pdf31/12/20081.7 MB
Baal Bone AEMR 2008 Plan 2.pdf31/12/20081.5 MB
2007 AEMR Plan 1.pdf31/12/20071.0 MB
2007 AEMR Plan 2.pdf31/12/20071.5 MB
Baal Bone AEMR 2007 - FINAL.pdf31/12/20071.0 MB
Baal Bone AEMR 2006 - FINAL.pdf31/12/20061.1 MB
BB AEMR 06 Plan 2.pdf31/12/20060.7 MB
BB AEMR 06 Plan 1.pdf31/12/20062.1 MB

 Community Documents

Q3 2020 Community Complaints Register12/10/20200.2 MB
Q2 2020 Community Complaints Register21/07/20200.2 MB
Q1 2020 Community Complaints Register07/04/20200.2 MB
Community - Newsletter - January - 2020 - Issue - 1110/02/20200.9 MB
2019 Community Complaints Register15/01/20200.2 MB
2018 Community Complaints Register15/01/20190.1 MB
2017 Community Complaints Register09/01/20180.1 MB
Community Newsletter - June 2017 - Issue 1019/06/20171.9 MB
2016 Community Complaints Register09/01/20170.2 MB
Community Newsletter - August 2016 - Issue 924/08/20161.6 MB
2015 Community Complaints Register02/05/20160.2 MB
Community Newsletter - July 2015 - Issue 801/07/20150.4 MB
2014 Community Complaints Register07/01/20150.2 MB
2013 Community Complaints register14/01/20140.0 MB
Community Newsletter - May 2013 - Issue 727/06/20134.4 MB
2012 Community Complaints Register21/03/20130.1 MB
Community Newsletter - March 2012 – Issue 605/04/20122.1 MB
2011 Community Complaints Register14/03/20120.0 MB

 Quarterly Environmental Summaries

Q3 2020 Environmental Monitoring Summary12/10/20200.8 MB
Q2 2020 Environmental Monitoring Summary21/07/20200.8 MB
Q1 2020 Environmental Monitoring Summary07/04/20200.9 MB
Q4 2019 Environmental Monitoring Summary31/12/20191.7 MB
Q3 2019 Environmental Monitoring Report15/10/20191.8 MB
Q2 2019 Environmental Monitoring Summary07/08/20191.1 MB
Q1 2019 Environmental Monitoring Summary10/04/20191.1 MB
Q4 2018 Environmental Monitoring Summary31/12/20181.6 MB
Q3 2018 Environmental Monitoring Summary26/09/20180.9 MB
Q2 2018 Environmental Monitoring Summary26/06/20180.9 MB
Q1 2018 Environmental Monitoring Summary09/04/20180.9 MB
Q4 2017 Environmental Monitoring Summary31/12/20171.9 MB
Q3 2017 Environmental Monitoring Summary13/10/20171.9 MB
Q2 2017 Environmental Monitoring Summary11/07/20170.9 MB
Q1 2017 Environmental Monitoring Summary29/03/20170.7 MB
Q4 2016 Environmental Monitoring Summary09/01/20171.1 MB
Q3 2016 Environmental Monitoring Summary30/09/20161.0 MB
Q2 2016 Environmental Monitoring Summary18/07/20161.0 MB
Q1 2016 Environmental Monitoring Summary27/06/20161.0 MB
Q4 2015 Environmental Monitoring Summary05/01/20161.0 MB
Q3 2015 Environmental Monitoring Summary13/10/20151.4 MB
Q2 2015 Quarterly Monitoring Report21/07/20150.8 MB
Q1 2015 Quarterly Monitoring Report21/04/20150.8 MB
Q4 2014 Environmental Monitoring Summary07/01/20151.5 MB
Q3 2014 Environmental Monitoring Summary07/10/20141.5 MB
Q2 2014 Environmental Monitoring Summary07/07/20141.3 MB
Q1 2014 Environmental Monitoring Summary07/04/20148.2 MB
Q4 2013 Environmental Monitoring Summary14/01/20148.2 MB
Q3 2013 Environmental Monitoring Summary15/10/20132.3 MB
Q2 2013 Environmental Monitoring Summary31/07/20132.4 MB
Q1 2013 Environmental Monitoring Summary16/04/20131.0 MB
Q4 2012 Environmental Monitoring Summary21/03/20131.0 MB
Q3 2012 Environmental Monitoring Summary16/10/20121.0 MB
Q2 2012 Environmental Monitoring Summary17/08/20121.0 MB
Q1 2012 Environmental Monitoring Summary29/05/20120.9 MB
Q4 2011 Environmental Monitoring Summary29/05/20121.0 MB

 Coal Haulage Reports (Coal Haulage ceased April 2012)

Coal Haulage Report Q2 201217/08/20120.4 MB
Coal Haulage Report Q1 201205/04/20120.4 MB
Coal Haulage Report Q4 201116/01/20120.4 MB
Coal Haulage Report Q3 201107/10/20110.1 MB
Coal Haulage Report Q1 201111/08/20110.1 MB
Coal Haulage Report Q2 201101/08/20110.5 MB

 Subsidence Reports

Baal Bone Subsidence Stautus Report No1607/04/20143.2 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 1511/11/20133.0 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 1412/12/20123.5 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 1323/08/20123.5 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 12 and EOP LW3109/03/20123.1 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No. 1131/12/20112.9 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No. 1030/11/20113.1 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No. 923/06/20111.7 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 8 and EOP LW29.pdf22/06/20114.4 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No. 720/06/20112.6 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 6.pdf19/06/20113.3 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 5.pdf18/06/20110.5 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 4.pdf17/06/20111.5 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 3.pdf16/06/20111.5 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 2.pdf15/06/20111.5 MB
Baal Bone SMP EOP LW30 Final.pdf14/06/20112.5 MB
Baal Bone Subsidence Status Report No 1.pdf14/06/20110.2 MB

 Other documents

2019 Independent Environmental Audit Action Plan23/03/20200.7 MB
2019 Independent Environmental Audit Report 23/03/20206.4 MB
2016 Independent Audit Action Plan17/05/20170.2 MB
2016 Independent Environmental Audit Report22/02/20174.8 MB
2013 Independent Audit Action Plan04/03/20140.1 MB
2013 Independent Audit Report04/03/201410.9 MB
2011 Independent Environmental Audit Report14/03/20124.1 MB
Audit Action Plan in response to 2011 Independent Environmental Audit Recommendations14/03/20120.3 MB
Project Approval 09_0178 MOD 2 with Statement of Commitments06/01/20111.4 MB
Environmental Assessment - Volume 104/03/201079.5 MB
Environmental Assessment - Volume 204/03/201086.8 MB
Environmental Assessment - Volume 304/03/201019.5 MB