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bulga-rehab.pngUlan Coal Rehabilitation
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west-wallsend-rehab.jpgWest Wallsend Rehabilitation
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bulga-video.jpgBulga Coal Community
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We understand the importance of ensuring that our operations eliminate, minimise or successfully manage the impacts of mining so that we co-exist with our neighbours. Here’s how our Bulga Coal operation does so.
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1367804056001_5451985376001_5451977318001-vs.jpgRehabilitation at Rolleston Open Cut
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In 2018, our sites rehabilitated more than 1400ha of land, almost 500ha more than we disturbed for mining. Here’s how we approach rehabilitation.
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west-wallsend-closure.jpgWest Wallsend mine closure
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Work on our sites doesn’t end when mining finishes. We undertake a comprehensive mine closure works program to ensure the site is prepared for future uses. Take a look at work underway after 100 years of mining at West Wallsend Colliery.
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bulga-ci.jpg2018 Community Investment
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Here’s a look at some of the partnerships we supported in 2018 with a Community Investment program of almost $5million.
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