Glencore's oil business is a key part of our global portfolio.  In Australia, we supply 100% of our mining and agricultural operations' fuel needs.

Our business extends into the wholesale fuel market supplying oil majors where required, as well as being a large supplier to independents.

We run an asset-light model that focuses on sourcing a wide range of oil products, including gasoline, diesel, naphtha, kerosene, marine bunker fuel and jet fuel. We supply both Glencore's mining operations and also hold long-term contracts with independent retailers, farmers and wholesalers.

Led by a small team based in Sydney, our Australian oil business is focused on the east coast.  We have a network of 11 import assets and an extensive inland logistic network of storage tanks including 76 road tankers.

Glencore's wholly-owned Chemoil business supplies bunker fuel from a number of ports on the East Coast of Australia, including Port Kembla, Port Botany and Port Eden in New South Wales and from the Port of Brisbane in Queensland.  Chemoil deploys a bunker barge, capable of supplying marine fuel oil and marine gas oil, to support its operations and offer bunkering via barge.