​We are one of the world's largest seaborne thermal coal exporters, as well as one of Australia's largest coal producers.

Fast facts:

  • The vast majority of our coal is exported to overseas markets, particularly in Asia
  • 17 mining operations across New South Wales and Queensland
  • Produced nearly 120 million tonnes of saleable thermal and coking coal in 2019 
Bulga Coal Open cut / underground Thermal, Coking 8,420,000 t
Clermont Coal  Open cut Thermal 12,029,000 t
Collinsville Coal Open cut Thermal 3,773,000 t
Hail Creek Coal Open Cut​ ​Coking 8,774,000 t
Hunter Valley Operations2 Open Cut​ ​Thermal, Coking 14,394,000 t
Integra Coal Underground​ Coking​ 1,754,000 t
Liddell Coal Open cut Thermal, Coking 3,629,000 t
Mangoola Coal Open cut Thermal 10,159,000 t
Mount Owen Coal

Open cut (Mount Owen, Glendell)

Thermal, Coking 8,486,000 t
Newlands Coal Open cut Thermal, Coking 4,547,000 t
Oaky Creek Coal Underground Coking 5,446,000 t
Ravensworth Coal Open cut Thermal, Coking 9,481,000 t
Rolleston Coal Open cut Thermal 15,725,000 t
Ulan Coal Open cut / underground Thermal 12,183,000 t

1 Managed equivalent saleable production rounded up/down to nearest 1,000 tonnes
2 Glencore owns a 49% stake in Hunter Valley Operations and the volumes included above represent total production of the non-managed Joint Venture

new south wales

We employ almost 6,500 people across our NSW coal business and in 2019 managed the production of around 61 million tonnes of saleable thermal and coking coal.

We have nine mining complexes across the Hunter Valley and Mid-Western NSW districts with all coal exported through the Port of Newcastle.

In 2019, our NSW coal business supported 2,630 businesses with a spend of $2.8 billion on goods and services.


We employ about 4,410 people across our Queensland coal business which, in 2019, managed production of around 50 million tonnes of saleable thermal and coking coal.

Our coal assets includes six mining complexes in the Bowen Basin of central Queensland, incorporating open cut and underground mines and four coal handling and processing plants.

We export coal via the Abbot Point, Dalrymple Bay, RG Tanna and Wiggins Island coal export terminals.

In 2019, our Queensland coal business supported 2,200 suppliers with a $3.1 billion spend on goods and services.


Coal rehabilitation and community investment

We aim to have a positive impact on communities associated with our operations with a strong focus on rehabilitation and capacity building community investment.