Fact sheets

Coal: Air Quality11/12/20154.6 MB
Coal: Air Quality Control System11/12/20151.8 MB
Coal: Community Investment11/12/20152.2 MB
Coal: Drinking Water and Contamination07/08/20172.3 MB
Coal: Final Voids25/07/20170.7 MB
Coal: Land and Property04/05/20174.5 MB
Coal: Land Use Rehabilitation - Natural Landform at Mangoola11/12/20154.2 MB
Coal: Land Use Agriculture and Vineyards11/12/20154.3 MB
Coal: Land Use Biodiversity Conservation11/12/20154.1 MB
Coal: Land Use Liddell Grazing Trial11/12/20152.5 MB
Coal: Land Use Rehabilitation11/12/20155.1 MB
Coal: Noise and Vibration11/12/20156.3 MB
Coal: NSW Aboriginal Cultural Heritage11/12/20154.4 MB
Coal: NSW Community Investment11/12/20152.6 MB
Coal: Queensland Community Investment11/12/20152.7 MB