​Our entire workforce share responsibility for creating, fostering and maintaining a culture of safe work.

A healthy lifestyle is particularly important for those working in remote areas, such as our Murrin Murrin nickel operations, which is 890km from Perth in Western Australia. Labour mobility is important for our business, particularly for our more remote assets.

We offer a range of lifestyle and family-friendly rosters, in keeping with our commitment to encouraging and promoting a healthy work/life balance.


Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides free professional counselling to our employees and their dependents to help resolve both personal and work-related problems. It is confidential, voluntary and available after hours.

Health education

Monthly initiatives help keep our people informed and motivated. These include half-hour presentations based on the latest research and data, with an emphasis on practical application.

Subjects in 2015 included sleep management, mental health, cardiovascular health, sprains and strains, diabetes, asthma and weight loss. Additional information is provided via the Murrin Health e-News newsletter.

We also encourage our people to participate in site-based and community activities like walking, running, cycling and swimming.

Our on-site dining room displays healthy eating information, including recommended daily intakes and facts about diabetes.

Health checks

We carry out comprehensive health assessments on our employees and contractors, including body composition, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and stress.

These assessments allow our people to monitor their fitness and set personal health goals, such as weight loss or improved fitness.


Regular after-hours fitness classes are consistently well attended. They include yoga, boxing, circuit training and interval training, and are suitable for all fitness levels.

Murrin Murrin's accommodation facilities include a gym, a 25m swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, cricket nets, a soccer field, a beach volleyball court and a golf range.

These and other health and wellbeing initiatives are underpinned by Murrin Murrin's Fitness For Work programme. The programme's goal is to ensure that everyone is in a suitable physical, mental and emotional state to carry out their job properly, in a manner that does not threaten their health or safety, or that of others.

Our goal is a trained, competent and motivated workforce; we actively promote health and wellness programmes for our workers.