​We aim to foster sustainable growth wherever we operate.

This is central to our values and essential for our license to operate. We contribute to society throughout our value chain, via employment, procurement, enterprise development, infrastructure and social investment programmes.

We engage with diverse communities across Australia; from capital cities, to rural and regional towns and small remote Indigenous communities. We recognise that proactively engaging with these communities is an essential part of our approach to managing sustainability, business risk and maintaining our license to operate.

The communities close to our operations are our neighbours, our business partners and our future workforce. They are also where many of our employees and their families make a life. Working in collaboration with our communities, we can maximise the positive benefits of our activities and avoid or minimise any potential negative impacts.

Our operations implement site-based stakeholder engagement strategies, which include grievance and conflict resolution processes for community members and the broader public to raise any concerns and provide feedback.

In 2017, we contributed $9 million in direct support to our various communities across Australia.

We have provided direct financial support in the areas of arts and culture, education, enterprise and job creation, environment, health and social and community development.