​Glencore Australia update on COVID-19

We're closely monitoring developments relating to COVID-19 and our key priority is to protect the health and safety of all employees and contractors whilst maintaining normal operations at our sites. 

Operational Response

We have enacted our incident management plans in accordance with our company protocols.  As part of this response, all Glencore sites are developing risk-based plans to support the health and safety of workers and the continuation of business at each operation.

The Australian Government has identified mining as an essential activity and Glencore will do everything in its power to continue running safe, responsible and sustainable operations across the country. 

Site plans developed as part of this process include each of the following five core elements:

  1. Education for our workforce
  2. Separation / social distancing in the workplace
  3. Travel (international and domestic)
  4. Pre and post-diagnosis protocol and temperature screening
  5. Communication with our workforce

Read the full update here.

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