​Over half of Glencore's total zinc and lead reserves and resources are located in Australia.

Responding to challenging market conditions and low global zinc and lead prices, in 2015 the zinc business announced it would reduce global zinc and lead production by about 500,000 tonnes to preserve the value of our resources. However, we have a very positive demand outlook for zinc on the basis it is a scarce resource that is used widely in critical applications around the world, such as the galvanisation of steel and metal products.

We currently operate the George Fisher underground mine at Mount Isa Mines and the McArthur River Mine in the Northern Territory. We also own the Lady Loretta underground mine near Mount Isa, where production has been temporarily suspended.

Fast facts:

  • Largest zinc resource bases in the world
  • Represent more than half of Glencore's total global zinc production and over 70% of lead production
  • Produced 750,900 tonnes of zinc and 216,000 tonnes of lead in concentrates
Mount Isa zinc operationsGeorge Fisher underground mine
Black Star Open Cut Mine
Zinc-Lead Concentrator
Zinc-Lead Filter Plant
Lead Smelter
Lady Loretta underground mine
Zinc in concentrates
Lead in concentrates
Silver in concentrates
478,200 t
163,000 t
6,524,000 oz
Glencore Port OperationsPort facilities and logistics
(copper and zinc)
Loaded to ship
(Glencore and third party
concentrate, fertiliser)
1.75 Mt
Bowen CokeCoking coal for smelting--
McArthur River MineOpen cut mine
Zinc-Lead Concentrator
Bing Bong Loading Facility
Zinc in concentrates
Lead in concentrates
Silver in concentrates
272,700 t
53,000 t
1,724,000 oz

 t = tonnes, oz = ounces


Our North Queensland zinc operations include an integrated supply chain comprising mining, processing, transport and logistics, and port facilities.

Our Mount Isa Mines zinc operations include the George Fisher underground mine, which has the capacity to produce 4.5 million tonnes of ore per year.

Our processing stream treats ore from all our regional mines to produce both zinc and lead concentrates and lead bullion. The products are transported by rail to our port operations in Townsville for export.


McArthur River Mine (MRM), located approximately 970 kilometres south-east of Darwin, comprises an open cut mine, processing stream and the Bing Bong Loading Facility, 120 kilometres north, on the Gulf of Carpentaria.

MRM currently produces bulk concentrates, which are transported from the mine site to Bing Bong by road. From there, product is loaded onto a barge and transported to ships at sea in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Our Phase 3 Development project, completed in 2014, provides us with the capacity to increase production to five million tonnes of ore per year. However, in light of current prices, we have scaled back production this year to ensure what we produce is aligned with our customers' specific demand.