​Australia is an important part of our global business and we've operated here for nearly 20 years.

We hold significant interests in a range of commodity industries across all mainland states and the Northern Territory. Headquartered in Sydney, we are a major Australian employer, with about 16,000 people working across industries that include coal, copper, cotton, grain and oilseeds, nickel, oil and zinc.

Our business has grown steadily through acquisition, including Viterra's agriculture business in 2012 and Xstrata's mining business in 2013.

Within many of our Australian operations, we explore and originate the commodity; produce it; process and refine it; market and blend it; and ultimately handle, store and transport it to our customers around the world.  

We take a disciplined approach to capital management and invest where we can create value for our shareholders. The nature of our investment is highly capital intensive, long-term and requires a stable and predictable investment environment.

In recent years, the global resources and commodity industries have faced a number of challenges.

Glencore is focused on maintaining supply discipline, in the process maximising the margins, rather than the volumes, of the commodities we produce.

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How we do business