Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan5.1 MB
Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan4.7 MB
Biodiversity Management Plan5.8 MB
Construction Traffic Management Plan5.1 MB
Environmental Management Strategy3.1 MB
Exploration Activities and Minor Surface Infrastructure Management Plan4.3 MB
Historical Heritage Management Plan5.8 MB
Noise Management Plan4.1 MB
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan0.7 MB
Water Management Plan6.4 MB

Extraction Plan Longwalls 13-14

 Main document

Extraction Plan - Main Document1.6 MB

 Volume 1

Risk Assessment1.7 MB
Coal Resource Recovery Plan1.2 MB
Subsidence Monitoring Program0.5 MB
Public Safety Management Plan0.4 MB
Land Management Plan0.9 MB
Approval of Extraction Plan0.1 MB
Response to DP&E0.4 MB

 Volume 2

Built Features Management Plan0.6 MB
Mount Owen Railway and Bettys Creek Bridges Asset Management Plan5.4 MB
Eastern Rail Pit Asset Management Plan1.0 MB
Mount Owen TP2 Asset Management Plan0.6 MB
Bettys Creek Diversion Asset Management Plan1.9 MB

 Volume 3

Subsidence Impact Assessment7.3 MB
Surface and Groundwater Impact Assessment3.2 MB

 Volume 4

Plan 1 - Workings & Dimensions0.5 MB
Plan 2 - Surface Features1.8 MB
Plan 3A - Geological - Seam Contours0.7 MB
Plan 3B - Geological - Seam Thickness0.7 MB
Plan 3C - Geological - Depth of Cover0.8 MB
Plan 4A - Geological Other Seams- Seam Interburden1.6 MB
Plan 4B - Geological Other Seams- Seam Thickness0.8 MB
Plan 5 - Titles0.5 MB
Plan 6 - Geological Logs3.0 MB
Plan 7 - Subs Monitoring Plan1.9 MB
Plan 7 - with Aerial Photo1.6 MB